The Psychic Intuitor's Handbook

By John Domanico

Have you ever wondered how a psychic medium can read the cards, your palm or tealeaves?  This book explains how to perform believable readings with any divination device.  Each step of a reading is explained, starting with setting up the reading, through each step of the reading, the past, present and future to its conclusion.  All the techniques needed to understand the sitter is included. 

In addition, the author provides sections on how to read non-verbal communication, body language and explanations of the phases of life as it applies to psychic readings for the intuitor.  A brief description of basic divination systems is included for the novice intuitor is also included.

Everything needed to present psychic readings is provided in this book except the divination method itself.  This book is definitive guide to becoming a psychic intuitor.

"The Psychic Intuitor's Handbook"
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