Performing the Reading

When an intuitor performs a reading, he becomes a Sherlock Holmes type character and uses his skills to produce a reading that is meaningful to the sitter. He does this using the skill sets of famous detectives such as Sherlock Holmes, observing deducing and reasoning out information. The information obtained received from observing the sitter is fed back in the form of the psychic reading. The intuitor combines ingredients of mysticism and professionalism to the reading to give the sitter an event to remember.

Summary of the steps of a reading. 


At the beginning of a reading, the intuitor must work to obtain the sitter’s confidence and cooperation. ing to give the sitter an event to remember.


When presenting the reading to the sitter, the intuitor must present the illusion he knows with certainty what the cards or other divination system is saying and it is correct. 

Claim modesty for your talents

The intuitor should always profess a degree of modesty about his abilities. He should make no excessive claims about his psychic abilities.

Use a divination gimmick

A divination gimmick is the psychic methodology that the intuitor uses during the reading. The divination device serves two important purposes. First, it lends atmosphere to the reading. Second (and more important), it gives the intuitor time to formulate his next question/statement, preventing pauses in the reading.

Observe your sitter

As your client comes into your domain, the first thing a psychic intuitor should do is observe the sitter. To paraphrase the famous baseball Player Yogi Berra “You can see a lot by observing.” Learn how to interpret basic body language .

The Reading’s Atmosphere

Set the stage for an intimate, comfortable, experience with the sitter. The intuitor should establish their psychic authority with props appropriate to the divination device such as important looking charts, or bookcases full of reference books. It is important to provide comfortable chairs with a small table to work on. Things like a lace tablecloth, candles, a soft rug with soft colored lighting and incense will give your reading a “spiritual” feeling. Make your client feel they are the center of an important ritual.

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