What is a Psychic Intuitor?

The word intuitor is not a real word. If you type it into a word processor, it will always show up in the spell check. I have taken it from Michael Shermer’s work “Psychic for a Day: How I Learned Tarot Cards, Palm Reading, Astrology, and Mediumship in 24 Hours.” In this article, he describes how he filmed a television show with Bill Nye (“Bill Nye the Science Guy.") in Seattle, Washington, for a PBS science series called "Eye on Nye." Both Mr. Shermer and Mr. Nye are extremely fascinating lecturers and writers. I highly recommend them for your reading.

I use the term psychic intuitor for a person who uses techniques in this book for entertainment and for psychic readings. Often Mentalists are included in this genre. Mentalists perform a magic act that gives the illusion they have greatly developed mental or intuitive abilities. These performers use many tricks in their shows such as psycho kinesis (moving or manipulating objects), telepathy (mind reading), divination (attempt to gain an answer to a situation or question), clairvoyance (ability to gather information about an object or place), Psychometry (gathering information by touching objects), precognition (knowledge of future information), hypnosis, mind control, memory feats and rapid mathematics. The key word in the previous sentence is “tricks”.

I will use the word intuitor throughout this book meaning the person giving the reading using “Open-eyes” techniques. The intuitor gives a reading to the person being read or the “sitter”. The intuitor is a performer who presents entertainment of a psychic nature using the techniques in this book. The whole focus is on entertainment, such as at a party doing readings for guests or a presentation in a group setting.

A psychic intuitor is different from a magician. When a magician does a trick, everyone knows it is a trick except for a 3 year old in the first row. When performing a magic trick, there is no room for error. If the magician fails to complete the trick successfully, the whole act is in question. However, with a psychic entertainer, even errors are viewed in a positive light as shown later in the book.

A psychic intuitor should not make claims of possessing supernatural powers. They do not need to advertise that they do not have these powers but they should not make supernatural claims. They are entertainers and provide the sitter with a warm feeling.

The intuitor uses cold reading, body language and his knowledge of human personalities to draw out information from the sitter. I will use this word, sitter, to indicate the person to whom the intuitor is giving a reading. The intuitor uses the information received during the reading and feeds it back to the sitter in a mystically received way. Using these methodologies, the intuitor can appear to be almost 80% accurate while covering up the actual 80% they are wrong.

You will find more details on becoming a Psychic Intuitor in the book.

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